Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review for those of you who enjoy learning about Mountain Bike skills

Book Title: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills
Author: Brian Lopes, Lee Mccormack
Genre: Non-Fiction

About: `Mastering Mountain Bike Skills is a book written by Brian Lopes, a World Champion Mountain Bike racer, and Lee Mccormack, a outstanding bike coach. In this book, there are 13 chapters. No.1  Choose your weapon, which is about buying the right bike, and figuring out your riding style. No.2: Get one with your bike. This chapter is about learning how to do the necessary positions on your bike. No.3: Make Great Power. This chapter is about the right way to pedal, how to sprint and endure, and how to shift gears smoothly. No.4: Brake Better to go faster. This chapter is about braking smoothly and safely.No.5: Carve Any Corner. This chapter is about turning sharp turns, and the right leaning degree. No.6: Wheelie and hop over anything. This chapter is about hopping over obstacles. No.7: Pump Terrain for Free speed. This chapter is all about speed. No.8: Drop Like a Feather. This chapter is about landing smoothly and safely.No.9: Jump with the greatest of ease. This chapter is about jumping on your bike. No.10: Flow on any trail. This chapter is about learning different techniques for different trails. No.11: Handle Crazy Conditions. This chapter is about learning how to handle the toughest terrain. No.12: Avoid injuries. This chapter is about riding without getting hurt. No.13: Race Like a Champ. This chapter is about the right way to race. you can get this book at amazon.  

By, Joseph

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