Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CLAYMO Lessons

Once a month the fifth graders get to teach a Claymo lesson.
Just like late start the claymo lessons are on Wednesdays.  The day of or day before the lesson, the fifth graders get a script saying what their lesson will be.  Every month there is a new script and the fifth graders get to teach that lesson.

- Madeleine

During our last lesson we read the book One by Kathryn Otoshi.  The characters in this book were colors and numbers.  Blue is a quiet character while Red is a hothead and a bully.  Throughout the book, students hear the message of accepting differences and how it just takes one voice to speak out to make everyone count.

- Ms. McMillion

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Social Studies Explorers

At the time, all 5th grade classes are doing a project on early explorers as a grade for our report card. We have to take imformation from three or more resourses. One: A book. Two: Encylopida. Three: A website that the school can trust. Our project is due 11\11\13. The students have a choice of a Prezi, an I Movie, a Powerpoint or Keynote, we can make a Report, an Everybody book, a Glogster, a Poster, a Story, or come up with there own idea (but they then have to ask there teacher if thats ok) to present their research.  We have to find out where are why each of our explorers went out to explore.  We also have to research what the result of their explorations were and how they affected the people who they encountered.  We had time to do our research at school but the project needs to be finished at home.

Our Social Studies unit on "Who Discovered America?"is off to a great start!

By Matthew and Ms. McMillion

The High School Pep Band

The pep rally is a performance that the Clayton highschool or [CHS] preforms for us every year before the Homecoming football game. All of the band members and cheerleaders come and play and dance to about four songs. All the Glenridge students sit in a circle and watch the master pieces and how wonderfull they are. Everyone has a good time and lots of fun.

By Matthew

Class Dojo

     Class Dojo is a website that we use to manage how we behave by using a positive scale. Who ever has the most positives at the end of the week will have a choice of what they want to do in there free time with or without a friend. Class Dojo can be sent home by email and by paper so that parents can see how there child behaved for the week. Doint worry it's not a very compeitve thing it's just who has been able to work the hardest to earn a celebration or who has just been a great example for whole fifth grade.

By Matthew

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reading Groups

A few weeks ago we started reading groups.  Some of the groups are reading books such as Kira-Kira, Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, and As Small as a Elephant.  These books are all great books. These groups become our own little book clubs and each week meet to see how many pages we will read and each week we will write about the story in our reading notebooks to we come to our group with things to discuss.  The focus of these groups is to identify why the characters are making certain decisions and what social issues can we identify.



        Our class plays Boggle about every day.  It gets us ready for the rest of the day and it lets us study new words for our writing.  We try to find a 9 letter word using the letters provided.  The student who has found the most 9 letter words is Regan Wade with 3.  After a student gets a nine letter word they write their name on the tape that makes up the boggle board.  Some nine letter words we’ve had so far are: character, listening, and cautious.  Some people think that boggle is a time to relax and I think that is true.

- Franklin

Volleyball Unit in Gym

      The volleyball unit in gym was very fun to us students. When we started serving the ball and bumping and setting we learned a lot. We learned to never give up when we are serving and if we can’t bump it over the net we never ever should give up on it. That is why I love the volleyball unit in gym and we have always enjoyed this unit. I also love that when anyone couldn't get the ball over the net that person didn’t get upset they just forgot about it and had a great time with it. So that is why I love this unit in gym.

                                         -By CeCe

Thursday, October 3, 2013


By Ryan
Edmodo is a site that kids can go to in order to share their thinking and stay in touch. We just recently started an Edmodo group. We are mostly talking about a book called Crash. It is a great place to share thinking and learning. Many of us did Edmodo in 4th grade. Some of us are also new to Edmodo. Last year we used it for other subjects like Science. Teachers can give us badges too. And we can put our favorite career on there and how we like to learn. It’s a way of sharing ideas even out of school. And that’s all about Edmodo!


Reading Crash

By: Madeleine
Crash, by Jerry Spinelli is our class’ read aloud.
Crash is about a boy named Jon (Crash), a boy named Mike, and a boy named Penn. The main character, Crash, is your everyday bully, while Penn is your everyday new kid.  It starts out with Crash telling how he met Penn.
They met on the summer before first grade.  Crash tells the story as his seventh grade self. Crash is saying hatred at first site.
But the question is will the boys ever settle their differences?