Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Planetarium Field Trip

By Riley 
     On March 25th the class took a trip to the Planetarium! We got to learn about the sun, moon, stars, and planets. We looked at a lot of exhibits to help us learn.  In the exhibits we got to look at different things from space like, a rock from Mars and models of airplanes and space ships. We also got to watch a video about the sun, moon, and stars that showed us how the sky changes when the earth rotates.  The man leading the movie also pointed out the constellations we can see in our night sky tonight! We all had a good time. This was a really fun field trip! I hope you go outside tonight and see what constellations you can find!

BY: Matthew 
The trip was amazing! There was every thing from airplane simulations, to a scale that tells you how much it would cost for you go out to orbit. In the planetarium room we all learned about stars. Me, personally, I learned that about 168 earth's can cover the sun's diameter. Also, I learned that stars that are not born yet are called protostars. Another fact is that Jupiter has 67 moons.  You should take a trip to the Planetarium to discover things you never knew about outer space!

Click here to see pictures from our field trip to the Planetarium.

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