Monday, March 31, 2014

Pi Day

    On the day befor pi day, 3/14 (because pi day was during spring break) we had a party! First, we had 3 minutes and 14 seconds to write as many digits of pi we knew. Then, we got in groups - 3, . (decimal), 1, and 4 - and had fun games to play! My favorite was Mono-pi-ly, because I learned and had fun playing the game! At the end of the day, we all got two Oreos. After spring break, we got a fun homework scavenger hunt involving Pi.

                      By: Sam

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review: The Underdogs

by Samuel

Do any of you boys/girls like football?  This book is about a middle school kid named Will Tyler who loves to play football. He is always down at their field "Shea." The book can be sad at times but the lesson is frendship and good sportsmanship. So back to the book, the next season is coming up and they don't have a sponsor and their field is horrible with all sorts of hug pot holes. How will Will Tyler save their football season. I will let you figure that out.  

So I will tell you more about the lessons fro the book.  The lessons are to not tell anyone they can't play because they are a boy or a girl. The other lesson is to not brag or make fun of a person or team because they are different. I hope you like it!       

Book Review: The Hunger Games

     Do you like action, thiller and adventure books? Then the Hunger Games is the book for you. It is the 1st book in the series of The Hunger Games. It is about a girl being taken into the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a battle to the death.  Everyone has to fight until one person is left. This is to keep the capitol in power.
I just read the first one and I really liked it. I think you should read it to!  

By Jake

The Wydown Play

The Wydown middle school play was amazing.  It was called Once on an Island.  It was about a little girl who was brought to her parents by gods.  The set was amazing.  It has steps and looked like it was on an island. All three 5th grades attended the play.

By Ingrid

The End of Discovery

By: Jackson and Franklin
Recently, in our classroom we finished a simulation about colonists and their lives. In the end, all the colonies had to calculate their total wealth. We all learned that all the land squares had different values and that these values affected your over all wealth in the end. The land squares with more value were typically located away from the coast and mountains and near a bay or lake.  This land was more valuable because they were protected from things like coastal storms but had access to water for fishing and trading.  We learned in our simulation that the lives of colonists were very hard and stressful. We also learned that colonists lives depended on the smallest things to survive and that everything that happened was up to fate. We learned that the lives of colonial children were also very hard. They faced death, disease, and strict parents and teachers. They also faced the wrath of the wilderness and mother nature. The lives of colonists and their survival was not in their control and this is why we think of our lives today as more welcoming and good.

Music Project

By: Joey

      In music class we are discovering the art in music by being split into groups of our own choice. From there we compose our own music that includes voices, instruments, and a lot of theme and planning. Today we split into groups and decided what music we were going to compose. I'm really excited about this project because I really enjoy playing instruments, making sounds with my mouth, you get to work with a group in control and you get to do whatever pieces of music that you wish to do. I really encourage people to take the music to a more fun and serious level because in this project, the choice is all on you.

By Ian

In music, 5th grade classes have to pick a group of 1-5 people to make a song out of beats. It can be any beat but it has to repeat itself over and over again and we can chose any instrument in the music room as long as we use it correctly.  At the end, Ms. Williams will grade our group on participation, rhythm, teamwork, and how good the rhythm is.

The Planetarium Field Trip

By Riley 
     On March 25th the class took a trip to the Planetarium! We got to learn about the sun, moon, stars, and planets. We looked at a lot of exhibits to help us learn.  In the exhibits we got to look at different things from space like, a rock from Mars and models of airplanes and space ships. We also got to watch a video about the sun, moon, and stars that showed us how the sky changes when the earth rotates.  The man leading the movie also pointed out the constellations we can see in our night sky tonight! We all had a good time. This was a really fun field trip! I hope you go outside tonight and see what constellations you can find!

BY: Matthew 
The trip was amazing! There was every thing from airplane simulations, to a scale that tells you how much it would cost for you go out to orbit. In the planetarium room we all learned about stars. Me, personally, I learned that about 168 earth's can cover the sun's diameter. Also, I learned that stars that are not born yet are called protostars. Another fact is that Jupiter has 67 moons.  You should take a trip to the Planetarium to discover things you never knew about outer space!

Click here to see pictures from our field trip to the Planetarium.


*why are words....called, words
*words can be positive
*but really...
*it's the way you use those words
*think of a word that could never be bad like
*its or it's
*words can be used in all different kinds of ways
*but just

By Kennedy

Book Review - "The Book Thief"

by Jojo
    Do you like challenging, interesting books?

If so, this is your book. The book thief is about a girl who finds her first book next to her brother's grave, called, "The Grave Diggers Handbook." Her foster father teaches her to read and write. Soon she is stealing books from Nazi book burnings and libraries! When her foster family hides a Jewish  man in their basement, her world opens up and falls apart. And to her, her nice easy world soon turns into a fearful life, where everyone knows her as the book thief.
Will she still steal books, even against her foster father's will?

This book is by: Markus Zusak. There are some bad words in it just to let you know. If those words make you uncomfortable, try "The Diary of Anne Frank", this book is just as good.

Jojo wrote the blog post, not the book.

Healthy Snacks

By Max and Franklin
"Sometimes in math kids are bringing unhealthy snacks to eat.  Now we are here to remind you that kids need healthy asnacks to maintain a healthy lifestyle." -Franklin

     "I belive along with so many other people in america that kids obesity is one of the most dangerous diseases. If you are over-weight as a kid that can lead to major problems like diabetes. Kids should be eating carots and apples and sausage and patatoes and cheese for snack, not muffins or nachos for snack. ZERO NUTRION food is also okay, like lettuce or rice because technicley there not bad for your body." -MR.MAXXXMUHHMMM(not mom)  

Book Review for those of you who enjoy learning about Mountain Bike skills

Book Title: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills
Author: Brian Lopes, Lee Mccormack
Genre: Non-Fiction

About: `Mastering Mountain Bike Skills is a book written by Brian Lopes, a World Champion Mountain Bike racer, and Lee Mccormack, a outstanding bike coach. In this book, there are 13 chapters. No.1  Choose your weapon, which is about buying the right bike, and figuring out your riding style. No.2: Get one with your bike. This chapter is about learning how to do the necessary positions on your bike. No.3: Make Great Power. This chapter is about the right way to pedal, how to sprint and endure, and how to shift gears smoothly. No.4: Brake Better to go faster. This chapter is about braking smoothly and safely.No.5: Carve Any Corner. This chapter is about turning sharp turns, and the right leaning degree. No.6: Wheelie and hop over anything. This chapter is about hopping over obstacles. No.7: Pump Terrain for Free speed. This chapter is all about speed. No.8: Drop Like a Feather. This chapter is about landing smoothly and safely.No.9: Jump with the greatest of ease. This chapter is about jumping on your bike. No.10: Flow on any trail. This chapter is about learning different techniques for different trails. No.11: Handle Crazy Conditions. This chapter is about learning how to handle the toughest terrain. No.12: Avoid injuries. This chapter is about riding without getting hurt. No.13: Race Like a Champ. This chapter is about the right way to race. you can get this book at amazon.  

By, Joseph