Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 5th Grade Play

      The annual fifth grade play is a yearly event provided for the parents and students at Glenridge. This year the play was The Princess and the Pea. This mix of humor and traditional literature puts the classic play into a new form. The lead of the Prince, played by Sam Ilivicky, is looking in all the distant kingdoms for a bide. While all he wants is to be married, his mother, Queen Minerva, played by Regan Wade, thinks that she must use an unbeatable test to assure the princess is of proper royalty for the Prince. To help the prince find a bride the unfortunately unfunny jester played by Max Muhm, goes looking for a bride in their own kingdom. When the Jester returns he brings a bride for the Prince who wants to marry the Prince. The girl Gillian, played by Lexie Smith Gomes, is unfortunately not very bright. So,the King and Queen devise a simpler test to give to the Princess. The test consists of putting the smallest pea under the girl's matress to see if she arouses. Unfortunately, the girl, Gillian, missed the test because she was preparing for the test all night. So,who is the real princess? Well,it turns out that the real princess is a simple chamber maid named Hannah. So, in the end, the Prince gets married to Hannah and the Jester gets married to Gillian.  Click here to view more pictures from the play.

    - Jackson

Learning Buddies

     By Anand
           We have a time during our week (on every Thursday) called Learning Buddies and what we do is we go to a kindergarten classroom where we read a book from the kindergarten buddies book bag.
Recently, we got counting sheets and the 5th graders count along with their buddies like this:

5th grader:5
And so on.

Also something that recently happened we were reading Mo Willams’ books. When I was reading with my kindergarten buddy, the books that we were reading were mostly the pigeon books and a couple of the elephant and the pig books.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Historical Fiction Book Groups

     In class we do a lot of historical fiction reading so in favor of that we started book groups. Book groups are when the class splits into four groups and we each read different books and talk about them.      Each week you are assigned a task to read a certain amount of pages so that when you have a meeting you can talk about it with your group. We do enjoy book groups because you can read great stories that really get you thinking. 
     Also book groups are exciting because when you are with friends you can make connections about the book and it is very funny to see what everyone has to say. We love book groups and we think you will too. 
     By Joey and Ian

Preparation for 6th Grade

By Regan
    A few weeks ago Mr. Bolassi, the 6th grade principal and Ms. Mcgraw, the 6th grade counselor came and visited the three 5th grade classes and talked to us about our transition to 6th grade. They talked to us about different topics and we were able to ask any clarifying questions if we wanted to. We talked about after school activities, homework, lunch, lockers, and more. We were all glad that they came because it was great preparation and now we all know some about 6th grade. We are all very excited for 6th grade!



    For a while at PE time, the kids in 3rd-5th grade roller bladed in the gym for a fun 30 minutes.
    The roller blades are made so that they don't ruin the gym floor. This does not happen in other schools so we are lucky to do it. Rollerblading is like ice skating but you are on solid ground so it is easier to stop. We improved our skills in stopping, jumping, falling, and so much more! This exercise can increase control, balance, speed and awareness of other people's space, and we like to do it.
    Rollerblading is fun and if it is possible, you should try it!


Students are getting to show their creativity this year in social studies by creating extra credit projects to earn points for their team. Many students have created models demonstrating and showing all different things throughout history. Students have also created power points to represent or show things too. The models people have made have been made of all different things including lego's, clay, paper and lot's of other different materials. The end of the extra credit race is almost over.
                - Jackson

Getting Ipads in 5M

BY: Joey
          There have been other posts about getting ipads in 5M but today I will be talking to you about using them in a way so that there is no arguing and grabbing. So for starters if the teacher catches you grabbing and being rude she has the power to take it away from you. Also we are all so excited to do the games and apps that are on the ipads but if we don't use them the right way then the teacher will take the ipad. I am very excited for the ipads in 5M and I am extremely positive that you are to so lets just take good care of the tool then we can use them more and the teacher won't have to take it.

Free Rice

Have you ever wanted to help stop world hunger and help those who are in need. Well, now you can by going to and you can play the trivia game or you can sign up and donate to people across the world who are in need. FreeRice is affiliated with the World Food Programme and is a not for profit organization. Every time a question is answered correctly ten grains of rice is donated to people in need. The World Food Programme says that 553 million people in Asia and the Pacific are hungry. They also say 227 million people in Africa, 47 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 16 million in developed countries are hungry. The WFP estimates 146 million children are under weight in developing countries and 17 million are born under weight annually because the mothers do to not get enough nutrition during pregnancy. The WFP also says 315,000 women die annually due to not enough nutrition and iron. One in eight people are hungry says a study the WFP performed. We can all help stop hunger by playing or donating to
                    - Jackson

39 Clues

     What would you chose; a million dollars, or a clue, the first clue to the treasure that would make you become the most powerful human on the planet? Well, if you like mystery, the 39 Clues series in the one for you. Most people think that when you are 11 and 14 that your life is normal, well not for the Cahills.
    The Cahills are the biggest family organization on the planet.  Dan and Amy Cahill go on a death defying, dangerous, scary trip all around the globe in search of 39 clues, to lead them to the most powerful treasure ever.
   Go along with Dan and Amy on the wildest ride of your life, but be warned, there are bombs, murders, shootings, betrayals, and deathly people who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the 39 clues.
                            By Anand


By Franklin
    In social studies we are doing a simulation called discovery.  During this simulation we need to act like colonist's from England trying to settle in America.  Some activities along the way were making a flag, working with maps, packing our boat, planning our cargo, settling, and trading with Native Americans.  This will teach us the challenges of colonists.

By: Samuel
The discovery unit is mainly about the first settlers in America so were practically pretending we are all in that time period.  Each of our groups are different colonies and we all have names for or colony that mean something.  My group the By-Byes, means that we are leaving our home land [Britainn] for religious freedom.

The New York Colony Sales Pitch

During social studies, groups were asked to chose one of the 13 colonies and create a billboard and sales pitch that would make someone want to move to that colony.  One group chose New York and this is the creative sales pitch they designed. Enjoy!

By: Franklin, Regan, Ian, and Jackson

Angry Birds in P.E.

From: Joey
        Last week in P.E. we played a fun game called angry birds. Now you might be familiar with angry birds on your phone or your i-pad but today we set up pins that were guarded by mats and you threw soft balls to try and knock over the pins. The teams were split evenly so the game was fair. When you play you try and hit all of your opponents' pins down before they hit all of your pins down. I really enjoy the game because it is fun to have balls flying in the air all at once and it is absolutely awesome when you hit the pin spot on and you win. The challenge is that the pins are not just in the open. The pins are actually hidden behind mats and on top of mats. The rule is that you have to have some area of the pin showing so you can see and hit it. If anyone has any other ideas for games in P.E. then just let me know and I can write about it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Book Talks from Ms. Hagene and Mrs. Rapp

One of our favorite things our librarians offer is their knowledge of books.  Today we listened as Ms. Hagene and Mrs. Rapp gave books talks about 6 of their most loved books. 

The Princess Test by Hans Christian Andersen (traditional literature)
Better Nate Than Ever Tim Federie (realistic fiction)
Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans (fantasy/science fiction)

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis (historical fiction) 
Hold Fast by Blue Balliett (mystery)
Hero by Mike Lupica (fantasy)

We can't wait to give them a try!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jamestown Adventures

Jamestown Adventure Online Game
By Franklin and Jackson

        As some of you might know we can do extra credit projects to get extra points for our team in Social Studies.  One of these extra credit opportunities is a game called Jamestown Adventure Game Online.  The game is about you being a colonists and traveling to Virginia to establish a colony. To win the game and to get extra points you have to get all goods or excellents in certain categories: food, health, wealth, and morale. The decisions you make during the adventure determines how well your colony does in the end.


This is just one of many ways to earn extra credit points.