Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The End of Discovery

By: Jackson and Franklin
Recently, in our classroom we finished a simulation about colonists and their lives. In the end, all the colonies had to calculate their total wealth. We all learned that all the land squares had different values and that these values affected your over all wealth in the end. The land squares with more value were typically located away from the coast and mountains and near a bay or lake.  This land was more valuable because they were protected from things like coastal storms but had access to water for fishing and trading.  We learned in our simulation that the lives of colonists were very hard and stressful. We also learned that colonists lives depended on the smallest things to survive and that everything that happened was up to fate. We learned that the lives of colonial children were also very hard. They faced death, disease, and strict parents and teachers. They also faced the wrath of the wilderness and mother nature. The lives of colonists and their survival was not in their control and this is why we think of our lives today as more welcoming and good.

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