Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bullying Poem

     by Kennedy
*Think of bullying in a whole different way
*The thing is you can’t because there’s no other way to think about it upsides, downways, sideways? there’s no other way
*Have you ever been bullied so much that you want to die inside
*I have
*but I don’t cause I deal with it, I stand up for myself
*some people are different you can’t change that and if you try then you should back off cause some people actually care if someone’s feelings get hurt
*bullying people is wrong and if you don’t see that I don’t know what to tell you
*life can be difficult with bullying and people just believing that you can’t do anything 
well you need to believe you can

Button Making

After reading the book of “Crash,” the 5th graders made buttons with the big idea of the story on the front. "What do you think the “Big Idea” of this story is?” We asked the students. "I think the big idea is that people can change," said Franklin Liu in Ms. McMillion’s class. "Why do they use buttons?” we ask a 5th grade teacher, Ms.McMillion, "because Penn’s mom in the story made buttons.” -Madeleine 

 Hello, Lexie speaking. Well, about to interview people. First, I’ve decided to interview myself. Q:Why did we make buttons? A:Because in “Crash,” PENN WEBB in the beggining had a button with encouraging words on it. So when we finished the book we decided to make them first: because it’s a fun way to reflect on the book, second: what we put on there could ACTUALLY  persuade someone or think what your button says is true. For example: "Lexie and Madeleine are awesome" or "STOP world hunger!" Some people would think that is true or might decide to help ‘stop world hunger.’
You could always make a button in your own creative way, or write what you think should be on a button on a NAME TAG.(Same thing.)
The fun part about this making of buttons was that I helped-my friends did too-plan the designs and make them! So,don’t forget! You can make a button TODAY and send out a positive message. -Lexie
By: Madeleine and Lexie 

Learning Buddies

      Learning Buddies is a time every week where one or two 5th graders pair up with a kindergartener and we either read with them or do an activity.  Last week we made snowflakes with them. I think it is great that we have learning buddies because it is a time where we can be the teacher and teach younger students. I like learning buddies because it is cool seeing how it is in kindergarten and we might remember some of the stories we read to them from when we were in kindergarten.
 By: CeCe

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Explorer Timeline

    Explorer Timeline
        By Franklin
    In our classroom we have a timeline that shows us important dates for famous explorers throughout history like Marco Polo.  This week every student had to write a fact from the explorer that they had studied.  I was studying Ferdinand Magellan and I put 1519 when he set sail.  Some explorers that we studied about were Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Ponce De Leon, and Henry Hudson.  We continue to add to this timeline as we study further important dates within our American history.  For example, we added 1620 for when the Pilgrims first landed on Plymouth. 

Holiday Sing

The Glenridge holiday sing is coming soon so people better be nice because Santa's coming to town. The holiday sing takes months of preparation to make sure no one mess's up. The Glenridge chorus starts practicing in early November to make sure the songs have been memorized by December 20th. The holiday sing is always packed so the kids and teachers at Glenridge have to make sure they have lot's of entertainment for the audience.  People even come to Glenridge who don't have children here just to hear the songs!  We hope you can come and have a nice time.
            - Jackson


          by Ingrid and Max

    Pacer is a school challenge and requirement for health. Pacer is when kids run and try to make as many laps as they can. Someone stands at the starting point and every time you make a lap that persons says the number you are on.  Our teacher usually says, "This is the pacer test, each lap gets harder as you go. On the word start, run! Ready, set, start!" Then we start. This test is meant for kids grades 3-5.  Our whole grade has a shared goal of 92 laps - the highest score.

Bowling in P.E.

       By Regan Wade and Franklin Liu
    Bowling was one of our recent units on gym class.  When we are a single class we get to choose partners and when we are double class the teachers choose for us.  We don't keep score but we have a lot of fun.  Sometimes the teachers even let us set the pins up in a weird order. 
    "Bowling gets really fun," says Regan Wade, "because we get to set up our pins in different ways not like in a real Bowling ally where you can't set up your pins in different ways"  I agree with her but what I like most is that we like to pick our partners sometimes.  We will bowled until Thanksgiving break.

Chocolate Milk in Schools

Chocolate Milk in Schools                           
Healthy or diabetes in a bottle?
Q: How are your feelings about chocolate milk?
A: I am fine with it.
Q: If you were allowed to get rid of chocolate milk, would you?
A: I wouldn’t.
Q: Do you believe chocolate milk should be treated as a treat?
A: (Pause)No it’s healthy for you and it just has some chocolate in it.
Q: What do you believe could be a healthier alternative to chocolate milk?
A: We used to have water bottles and we sold a lot of water but the parents were scared about the plastic and not recycling.
We do sell a lot of chocolate milk but I would go to the white milk because it’s healthier.
Some kids don’t like white milk and chocolate milk was what they drank to get their milk.  I say keep the chocolate milk rather than take it all away.
We sell 50-75 white milk and 200-225 chocolate.
I think keep chocolate all week because some kids don’t like white milk and they might not drink any milk.
Q: How many times do you believe children should be allowed to have chocolate milk?
A: I would say 5 times a week.  I would say not to drink too much because if you drink a lot of chocolate milk you have a higher chance of becoming obese or getting diabetes.

        Interviewers: Franklin, Regan, and Jackson (not present but involved: Ian)

Interviewees: Ms. Janet