Friday, May 23, 2014

Field Day 2014

What a perfect Friday!  The weather was beautiful and the 5th graders embraced their roles as leaders.  Bowling, name that tune, duck duck splash - only a few of the exciting stations that kept up busy all morning.  We headed to the Center of Clayton in the afternoon for some fun in the pool.  All left with spirits high but ready for naps.  Click here for pictures from today!

Hopscotch with Learning Buddies

For our final time with our Kindergarten learning buddies, we went outside with our popsicles and chalk to play hopscotch.  This wasn't ordinary hopscotch, inside each box were the numbers written in numeric form along with number written in Spanish.  The 5th graders and the kindergarteners practiced counting in Spanish as they practiced their hopping and balancing skills!  We really enjoyed our time with our Kindergarten buddies this year and will miss them greatly.  Check out the 5M website to view pictures from our time together yesterday.  Hopscotch Pictures

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poetry Poem

poetry comes in different ways
ups and downs
sled were to,
think of something you will see a poem come though,
write a song, write a poem
write a bio too
write anything that comes through.


Reading Like a Fan - Author Study

In Ms. McMillion's class we have chosen an author who's books we will read for the remainder of fifth grade. We call this "reading like a fan." Each student picks an author (maybe a favorite or maybe a new one) and then chooses either to reread a book or to read a new book that they have not read written by that author. We believe this is a good way to stay focused on reading a series and staying focused on reading in general. What author would you read?

By Jackson

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Curiosity Projects

 By: Sam
    All of 5th grade is doing a curiosity project. Everybody chooses a topic that they want to learn about. We all did a lot of research. Then, we all do any type of project, too tell all about the facts we learned about our curiosity project. On May 12th, you can seen all of 5M’s projects. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

39 Clues Book Review

          39 Clues book review                         by Anand
    You're walking in the Sahara desert, and you hear fast paced footsteps behind you and you turn around. Who do you see? You see Dan and Amy Cahill! The Cahills are the most powerful family in the world. In the 39 Clues Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson, Dan and Amy go to the Sahara desert in search of a golden cat that holds the 4th clue. The problem is that the whole Cahill family is fighting to get the 39 clue and they will do some nasty things to get their hands on it, (e.g killing, poisoning, spying and betraying.) but these are only some of the things they do. Watch out!, a family member might be around the corner.
    In these mysterys, Dan and Amy have to go all around the world in search of the clues. This book I particularly liked because it was set in Egypt and I have always liked Egypt because of the sand and the heat and the Pyramid of Giza defenetly! Also, I liked how it was just 2 kids and the are going around the world but they are only 11 and 14. My favorite part was when they found all three of the golden cats because they were a little clueless of what to do with the 3 cats. (CLUEless, get it, 39 CLUES) If you want to find out what happens when they get all of the clues, read the rest of they books and the surprise of the 39 clues put together will make you jump!

Band Performance

               Band performance
Today at Glenridge school we had the Wydown middle school jazz band come and perform for us. This took place in the Glenridge gym. The band played songs such as.......We Will Rock You, Champion, And Carry On My Wayward Son. We really enjoyed all the jazz songs. They were very happy and made people want to dance.


In P.E. third through fifth grade does archery. It is really fun. There are two kinds of targets: you should know what a regular target looks like and then there is a target that looks like a dice it has five dots the center dot is a bulls eye. I have gotten five bulls eyes but four of  them were on the first day so it didn't count. I think that archery is really fun and at my other school I didn't get to do archery. I think that this has been a great experience!!

A few weeks ago we are did archery in gym. Each student in grade 5 got a turn to try archery each year. A cool thing this year is we have a bulls eye club when a student hits a bully eye on the target they get rewarded by having there name on the board. I think this game is amazing because it teaches students to persevere and have fun. Lots of students look forward to this week because they know how much fun its going to be.


Before and After School

  By Anand

    In school, there are before-school and after-school clubs. In these clubs, you do lots of different things. Some of the clubs are Rollerblading, (where you roller blade in the gym.) Green team, (where you help out with the school garden and make bird houses etc.) Chess club, (where you do chess matches against other players and do tournaments.) and Lego mindstorms (where you use legos to build a robot and once you build it, you program it to do amazing things!!!)
    The reason I like lego mindstorms (because I am in it) is that you get to build and program and I love building stuff and my curiosity project is about how minecraft is programmed and in lego mindstorms you learn how to program stuff.

Puberty unit


      The fifth grade just started something very deep and serious. The puberty unit. Puberty is something that everybody goes through, boys and girls. Today on the fifth of May my class started by watching a video on how the human body changes over time. Also how people act different. No one should be mean about anything that happens to someone else. Well that's all but you get the purpose of it. For the next couple days we will just be learning deeply about our own bodies.

King James Simulation

 Get back, you cannot pass this point!
For several days we have been simulating the proclamation of 1763, it's hard work you know, us kids are getting a chance to be adults in the 1760's. A few days ago King George III (Ms. Mcmillion) gave us boundaries on the computers and on the loft. Today we got our jobs most people are wealthy, normal, or poor colonists, A few kids are different, Sam is the tax collecter, Madeleine is the parliament member, and  JoJo is the loyal colonist. Those people have more important rolls in the colonies. In this colony we have many many choices, we could stay loyal to the royals, or be rebellious . When you are loyal you have a much better Easier life until THE REVOLUTION before that you will be taxed less, and if you work hard you have a choice of becoming knighted, a captain, a soldier or any other British job. If you are rebellious then you can start rebel groups, take military action, outlaw, spy, and have fun even breaking the law. We will be getting taxed soonly,¡I Sure Hope I survive!

By Sir Harvard Max

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Book Reviews

All of our class is doing a book review to put on Destiny Quest (our school library catalog). First we all chose a book that we like, then wrote with a few steps. After that, we sent it to Mrs. Hagene on our Google Doc. She will then send us back, and we will then post.  


    Book reviews
    In library all of us have had to write a book review on a book of their choice.  When we were done typing our book reviews we had to check with Mrs. Hagne to sea if our book review was good enough to go into destiny quest our library check out system.  Some books we wrote about are The Genius Files and Mr Tucket.  This will help us learn how to wriet a good book review for others about the book.
                    By Franklin

Poetry Month

Poetry Month at Glenridge

This month at Glenridge elementary we celebrated National Poetry Month or NPM. NPM is a celebration of poetry for people of all ages and grades. In fifth grade on the 24th, we celebrated poem in your pocket day. Every student in fifth grade carried a poem around the school in their pocket and read it in front of our homeroom classes and to teachers and other students. We were also able to read poems for our CLAYMO groups during NPM and they were able to read their poems to us. Our experiences were great because we were able to hear all different types of stories and different types of poems from different age groups.T eachers and students were able to experience pieces of writing from kindregaten and first through fifth grade.

Singing at the Ball Game

The lights, the crowd, and all the excitement!! The 3 first things you notice when you are in the Glenridge chorus when you sing at Busch Stadium. This year we sang, The Star Spangled Banner. With most of the school there and everyone watching you stand there on the field and sing. The crowd goes wild! As you make your grand exit as you go to see your friends and family over at the top of the stadium.  


               S.T.E.M Day
S.T.E.M day was fun you get to learn how to make a arm and  you only have cardboard, straws, tape, scissors and paper clips and there was also a station where you had to match a line by walking backward and forward and try to match the line it was hard but fun. We also had a chance to make some new friends from Captain and Meramec it was an awesome learning experience for me I hop it was for everyone else to.
 By Samuel 

STEM day was awesome our groups went to differernt staitons and learned about differnt stuff for example if your heart rate is above or below [57-98] you have a better chance of having a heart problem. Also the energy light saving bulbs are even brighter than normal bulbs. Did you know that if you take a motion projector, you can figure out how to match your steps to a graph! Did you know that a cow has to parts to its heart a slim side and a thick side, the thick side is for more blood flow.

  By: Matthew

On STEM day the 3 elementary schools all met up and went to the Clayton high school. We had 10 different groups with people from the other elementary schools and we went to 7 stations. The first station I went to was Boeing airplanes and we made paper airplanes and tried to land them on a aircraft carrier.  They had us do each station for about 45 minutes.  The next station we went to was a light station and it showed us what kind of lights were used for what and next we went to a biomedical station where they showed us a cow heart and a human heart with disease and other things like that. Next we were at a motion station and we would have a trend graph on a projector and we would stand a certain distance and someone would stand in front of it and stand a certain distance away to match the graph. Next we went to a robotics station and made cardboard robot arms and that was what I did on STEM day
by Ian 

On STEM day we learned lots of new things!We learned about enginiring,art and hearts.We had to engineer things and created new things. It was lots of fun!I bet the 4th graders will have fun there next year!
By Riley


Poem in Your Pocket Day

     On April 24th Glenridge had a day to celebrate poetry all around the school. We all had a poem and we would keep it in our pocket or in our desk. It was called “Poem in Your Pocket Day”. When we went to our kindergarten “learning buddies” that day we all shared our poems with each other. We also wrote poems about an object or place in the school and we hung them in the school so people could read them if they walked by it. If we had our poem in our pocket and we stopped by someone we would share it them. It was very fun to celebrate “Poem in Your Pocket Day”!

By Regan


Playing in the Orchestra

Playing in the orchestra is really fun because you get to socialize with other people from Wydown, Captain, and Meramec. And you learn music! My top 3 favorite are: 3rd is Fantasia! It’s hard the first few times, but then it has a mysterious melody that I love. Also, it has all these flats, sharps, and extensions. 2nd is Dance of the Tumblers! This song has a frollicking ad joyous melody, and I LOVE the top part of the song. (Even though I’m supposed to play bottom part, which is really boring) And First is ….. WARRIOR LEGACY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely nominate this Masterpiece as the best song EVER! The first part has low sounds only a CELLO could make. The middle part is fast and furious, like an intruder being chased by Warriors. Then the ending is like the warriors that are closing in… the music gets louder and more fierce…. and then… BAM! the last note is when the warriors pounce!  


By Kennedy
Spring is fun,spring is cool.
But what i love most about spring is the color, the laughter, the spring breeze, and the weather.
Because it’s more fun to play outside, especially if you’ve
had a long winter and its coming back..
but spring is not the time to sit around this is not winter.
uh.........................................................ATTENTION EVERYONE THIS IS NOT WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, yeah you get the point but really we need to enjoy the season
spring because if we don’t appreciate the seasons except winter.
ENJOY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!