Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review: The Underdogs

by Samuel

Do any of you boys/girls like football?  This book is about a middle school kid named Will Tyler who loves to play football. He is always down at their field "Shea." The book can be sad at times but the lesson is frendship and good sportsmanship. So back to the book, the next season is coming up and they don't have a sponsor and their field is horrible with all sorts of hug pot holes. How will Will Tyler save their football season. I will let you figure that out.  

So I will tell you more about the lessons fro the book.  The lessons are to not tell anyone they can't play because they are a boy or a girl. The other lesson is to not brag or make fun of a person or team because they are different. I hope you like it!       

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