Monday, April 14, 2014

Poetry month

 By: Joey

              April is the month of poetry and soon there will be a day were all people walk around and share poems that they have personally made. The special poetry day is called poetry in your pocket day and that's when you literally walk around with a poem in your very own pocket. Now the way it works is whoever you walk by you can ask them if they want to here your poem or not. It is not really big deal but it is something to think about.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


     This week our unit in P.e. is archery. I really like archery because it's okay if you don't get a bull's eye, but we keep trying. My favorite part of archery is when you get a bull's eye and you get to put your name on the board. Also the feeling you get when you put your name on the board you feel so proud of your self, it's a great feeling to have.
      The week we always have archery I think everyone is excited to go to P.E. because we get to do fun stuff in archery. What I like about archery is learning all the steps to get ready to shoot the arrow. What's more exciting about archery is that our friends are there and when someone doesn't get a bull's eye they always cheer them up. Also whenever one of us student's get a bull's eye Mr. Hutson and Mrs. Miller always cheer us on.
       For a lot of students archery is the highlight of the year for them. A lot of students can't wait to start archery. I hope you try archery 
                  Will you try archery?

                                                            By, CeCe

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Persuasive Essays

Our persuasive essays
By Regan
     The past few weeks we have been writing persuasive essays about different topics. We have had different parents come in and help us on our editing. We have spent time at school and at home writing first drafts, second drafts, and editing on what we want to say. We are almost all done with our final draft thanks to the help of everyone and the time we spent working on our persuasive essays.


      By: Sam
      In gym, the 3rd-5th graders are doing archery. There are 10 stations with different types of targets. High, low, and dice! To get ready, we use three commands so everybody is safe: Step to the line, knock your arrow, pull, aim, and release. A "Bulls-eye club" is used to see who got a bulls-eye and how many times. Also, we get to learn about the parts of a bow, and how to use it correctly.

Clay Monsters

   A few weeks ago in art we made monsters out of clay. Clay monsters are always unique, some have unibrows, some mustaches, some are purple, with no hair, some are green with hair down to their toes, some are tan with purple glossy toe nails, some are blue with orange and black eyes. The possibilities are endless. After about three days they were finished and all we had to do now was was get them glossified. To get them glossified (fired) was to make a chemical reaction and it would make the outer see through coat shiny or glossy. The clay monsters will be posted in the library and then sent home. Come to the Glenridge library to take a look!

By Max

Science Small Groups

     By Anand

    In school, once or twice a week, we have these science groups A, B, and C.
    In them, what we do is that we take what we are learning as a whole and kind of build on to it by taking it further.
    What we did in my group which was A, we took what we know about the Sun, moon, and the Earth and did extra thinking. For example, in the whole group science, we didn't learn much about the moon, but in the small groups, we learned that each year, 6 hours are lost and that is 1/4 of a whole day, and so when it has been 4 years it will have been twenty four hours, and that will make a day therefore, you get Leap Year.


This week we have been doing the infamous sport BADMINTON! "I have never played it, but boy! I enjoyed it!!” says 10 year old Lexie.This fantastic activity was arranged by the Glenridge gym teachers: Mr.Hutson and Mrs. Miller. They were the occasional scorekeepers when the classes played the sport. To play this sport you need a racket and a birdy. We would stand in line and get our own rackets so we could play. The games went on for a whole week, so we got to enjoy ourselves that week.

    First the server serves the birdy over the net and if it doesn't make it over, they get another try. But lets say, it goes over. The people on the other side try to hit it back over so that they get the point. ANYTHING could go wrong or right at this point...but for both sides it is all crossed fingers that they get the point and/or WIN. Probably the most skilled and cooperative team will win the game and the other, LOSE. The most important thing about trying to win, is that you got to try to cooperate with your teammates. You know, you have to call the birdy and be a good teammate by not letting them get down.
Also another important thing is to have FUN with the sport.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


       Recently in Ukraine there have been some riots of protesters that are leading to a lot of deaths.  When the protesters got to out of hand the police would kill and shoot some of the protesters.  Recently, Russia has offered help to the Ukraine president.  The problem I think is that Russia is increasing in helping the person who killed these people.  Some more problems are if the protesters don’t stop the police might kill more people.  What I think the protesters is they should gather a lot of people and then they could protest all at one time so the president would think “Well there have been a lot of deaths of these people and the protesters have gotten more people to join them so I guess I should also give in”.  My conclusion is that even though the government has given you a lot of problems you can still win the fight.
By Franklin