Friday, May 23, 2014

Field Day 2014

What a perfect Friday!  The weather was beautiful and the 5th graders embraced their roles as leaders.  Bowling, name that tune, duck duck splash - only a few of the exciting stations that kept up busy all morning.  We headed to the Center of Clayton in the afternoon for some fun in the pool.  All left with spirits high but ready for naps.  Click here for pictures from today!

Hopscotch with Learning Buddies

For our final time with our Kindergarten learning buddies, we went outside with our popsicles and chalk to play hopscotch.  This wasn't ordinary hopscotch, inside each box were the numbers written in numeric form along with number written in Spanish.  The 5th graders and the kindergarteners practiced counting in Spanish as they practiced their hopping and balancing skills!  We really enjoyed our time with our Kindergarten buddies this year and will miss them greatly.  Check out the 5M website to view pictures from our time together yesterday.  Hopscotch Pictures

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poetry Poem

poetry comes in different ways
ups and downs
sled were to,
think of something you will see a poem come though,
write a song, write a poem
write a bio too
write anything that comes through.


Reading Like a Fan - Author Study

In Ms. McMillion's class we have chosen an author who's books we will read for the remainder of fifth grade. We call this "reading like a fan." Each student picks an author (maybe a favorite or maybe a new one) and then chooses either to reread a book or to read a new book that they have not read written by that author. We believe this is a good way to stay focused on reading a series and staying focused on reading in general. What author would you read?

By Jackson

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Curiosity Projects

 By: Sam
    All of 5th grade is doing a curiosity project. Everybody chooses a topic that they want to learn about. We all did a lot of research. Then, we all do any type of project, too tell all about the facts we learned about our curiosity project. On May 12th, you can seen all of 5M’s projects. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

39 Clues Book Review

          39 Clues book review                         by Anand
    You're walking in the Sahara desert, and you hear fast paced footsteps behind you and you turn around. Who do you see? You see Dan and Amy Cahill! The Cahills are the most powerful family in the world. In the 39 Clues Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson, Dan and Amy go to the Sahara desert in search of a golden cat that holds the 4th clue. The problem is that the whole Cahill family is fighting to get the 39 clue and they will do some nasty things to get their hands on it, (e.g killing, poisoning, spying and betraying.) but these are only some of the things they do. Watch out!, a family member might be around the corner.
    In these mysterys, Dan and Amy have to go all around the world in search of the clues. This book I particularly liked because it was set in Egypt and I have always liked Egypt because of the sand and the heat and the Pyramid of Giza defenetly! Also, I liked how it was just 2 kids and the are going around the world but they are only 11 and 14. My favorite part was when they found all three of the golden cats because they were a little clueless of what to do with the 3 cats. (CLUEless, get it, 39 CLUES) If you want to find out what happens when they get all of the clues, read the rest of they books and the surprise of the 39 clues put together will make you jump!

Band Performance

               Band performance
Today at Glenridge school we had the Wydown middle school jazz band come and perform for us. This took place in the Glenridge gym. The band played songs such as.......We Will Rock You, Champion, And Carry On My Wayward Son. We really enjoyed all the jazz songs. They were very happy and made people want to dance.