Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Music Project

By: Joey

      In music class we are discovering the art in music by being split into groups of our own choice. From there we compose our own music that includes voices, instruments, and a lot of theme and planning. Today we split into groups and decided what music we were going to compose. I'm really excited about this project because I really enjoy playing instruments, making sounds with my mouth, you get to work with a group in control and you get to do whatever pieces of music that you wish to do. I really encourage people to take the music to a more fun and serious level because in this project, the choice is all on you.

By Ian

In music, 5th grade classes have to pick a group of 1-5 people to make a song out of beats. It can be any beat but it has to repeat itself over and over again and we can chose any instrument in the music room as long as we use it correctly.  At the end, Ms. Williams will grade our group on participation, rhythm, teamwork, and how good the rhythm is.

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