Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 5th Grade Play

      The annual fifth grade play is a yearly event provided for the parents and students at Glenridge. This year the play was The Princess and the Pea. This mix of humor and traditional literature puts the classic play into a new form. The lead of the Prince, played by Sam Ilivicky, is looking in all the distant kingdoms for a bide. While all he wants is to be married, his mother, Queen Minerva, played by Regan Wade, thinks that she must use an unbeatable test to assure the princess is of proper royalty for the Prince. To help the prince find a bride the unfortunately unfunny jester played by Max Muhm, goes looking for a bride in their own kingdom. When the Jester returns he brings a bride for the Prince who wants to marry the Prince. The girl Gillian, played by Lexie Smith Gomes, is unfortunately not very bright. So,the King and Queen devise a simpler test to give to the Princess. The test consists of putting the smallest pea under the girl's matress to see if she arouses. Unfortunately, the girl, Gillian, missed the test because she was preparing for the test all night. So,who is the real princess? Well,it turns out that the real princess is a simple chamber maid named Hannah. So, in the end, the Prince gets married to Hannah and the Jester gets married to Gillian.  Click here to view more pictures from the play.

    - Jackson

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