Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simulation in Social Studies

              By Anand (some edits by Ms. M)

    In Social Studies we do this thing in our "Discovery" guides where you are basically pilgrims or English settlers.  What you do is you first get all your gear including food, muskets, adults, kids, horses and farm animals and you pack your ship to sail. Then there are these fate cards for sailing to the new land. When you get to the new land you choose landing fate cards to see if you are successful while landing and where you get to land.  Some settlers met unfriendly Native Americans so they were not able to land right away, others were faced with heavy fog so they could not see where to land.  Eventually we were all successful and chose our location to begin our colony.  Then, after you land, and you get settled, you choose a weather fate card, fishing fate cards, hunting fate cards, farming fate cards, and finally general welfare fate cards. These tell you how that round was for your colony.  Based on the cards we find out how much food our colony produced, if we lost any colonists, if we encountered other settlers or Native Americans, and what natural events affected our colony.  For my colony, we are looking forward to battling other colonies in order to capture their land.  We will get to do this once our colonies are stronger and more established.  We can't wait!

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