Monday, February 24, 2014

Angry Birds in P.E.

From: Joey
        Last week in P.E. we played a fun game called angry birds. Now you might be familiar with angry birds on your phone or your i-pad but today we set up pins that were guarded by mats and you threw soft balls to try and knock over the pins. The teams were split evenly so the game was fair. When you play you try and hit all of your opponents' pins down before they hit all of your pins down. I really enjoy the game because it is fun to have balls flying in the air all at once and it is absolutely awesome when you hit the pin spot on and you win. The challenge is that the pins are not just in the open. The pins are actually hidden behind mats and on top of mats. The rule is that you have to have some area of the pin showing so you can see and hit it. If anyone has any other ideas for games in P.E. then just let me know and I can write about it.

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