Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Curiosity Cafe

      By: Ingrid Stahl
Curiosity Cafe is a time in our school day where we take a topic that we enjoy and we extend our learning of it. The time when we have Curiosity Cafe is right after Social Studies. We have it for about 20 minutes almost every day. I like to think about this time as a reward because if you forget to do your homework or bring your homework in that day, you have to do it at that time. Some people enjoy art and so each week we have a squiggle drawing and if you choose to do this station, you try to add the squiggle or extend your drawing to include the squiggle.  This can be challenging.  Another thing kids really enjoy is the IQ puzzles which are sort of like brain twisters because they get you to really think about what you are doing. I really enjoy all our options and I think others do too. We started this before winter break so our class is finding lots of new things they had never even known.   

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