Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Fifth Grade Ski Trip

By: CeCe and Regan                                            
    Every year the fifth graders take a skiing trip to Hidden Valley. We leave at 8:15 am and get back at 3:00. There is two types of skiing you can sign up for, type 1 or type 2. Type 1 is beginners and type 2 means you have experience. If you are a type 2 skier, you can buy a ski lift ticket where you can ride on a ski lift and go down harder slopes. Before you can ski wherever you want, you have to go through ski school. You learn how to stop and go, put on your skiis, turn, get back up when you fall down, and then you just practice skiing. When you finish ski school you can ski wherever you want. Some people are snowboarding, but when you go on the ski trip you can only ski, and you can’t use poles. There is a rope tow that you can use if you are a type 1 skier to get up the hill. It is a moving rope that you grab onto that moves you. For some kids it is very hard and for others it is fun and easy.
    Every kid loves the ski trip. It is a fun field trip that is probably everyone’s favorite. Everybody I know wanted to go back again.

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