Sunday, May 4, 2014


               S.T.E.M Day
S.T.E.M day was fun you get to learn how to make a arm and  you only have cardboard, straws, tape, scissors and paper clips and there was also a station where you had to match a line by walking backward and forward and try to match the line it was hard but fun. We also had a chance to make some new friends from Captain and Meramec it was an awesome learning experience for me I hop it was for everyone else to.
 By Samuel 

STEM day was awesome our groups went to differernt staitons and learned about differnt stuff for example if your heart rate is above or below [57-98] you have a better chance of having a heart problem. Also the energy light saving bulbs are even brighter than normal bulbs. Did you know that if you take a motion projector, you can figure out how to match your steps to a graph! Did you know that a cow has to parts to its heart a slim side and a thick side, the thick side is for more blood flow.

  By: Matthew

On STEM day the 3 elementary schools all met up and went to the Clayton high school. We had 10 different groups with people from the other elementary schools and we went to 7 stations. The first station I went to was Boeing airplanes and we made paper airplanes and tried to land them on a aircraft carrier.  They had us do each station for about 45 minutes.  The next station we went to was a light station and it showed us what kind of lights were used for what and next we went to a biomedical station where they showed us a cow heart and a human heart with disease and other things like that. Next we were at a motion station and we would have a trend graph on a projector and we would stand a certain distance and someone would stand in front of it and stand a certain distance away to match the graph. Next we went to a robotics station and made cardboard robot arms and that was what I did on STEM day
by Ian 

On STEM day we learned lots of new things!We learned about enginiring,art and hearts.We had to engineer things and created new things. It was lots of fun!I bet the 4th graders will have fun there next year!
By Riley


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