Monday, May 5, 2014

39 Clues Book Review

          39 Clues book review                         by Anand
    You're walking in the Sahara desert, and you hear fast paced footsteps behind you and you turn around. Who do you see? You see Dan and Amy Cahill! The Cahills are the most powerful family in the world. In the 39 Clues Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson, Dan and Amy go to the Sahara desert in search of a golden cat that holds the 4th clue. The problem is that the whole Cahill family is fighting to get the 39 clue and they will do some nasty things to get their hands on it, (e.g killing, poisoning, spying and betraying.) but these are only some of the things they do. Watch out!, a family member might be around the corner.
    In these mysterys, Dan and Amy have to go all around the world in search of the clues. This book I particularly liked because it was set in Egypt and I have always liked Egypt because of the sand and the heat and the Pyramid of Giza defenetly! Also, I liked how it was just 2 kids and the are going around the world but they are only 11 and 14. My favorite part was when they found all three of the golden cats because they were a little clueless of what to do with the 3 cats. (CLUEless, get it, 39 CLUES) If you want to find out what happens when they get all of the clues, read the rest of they books and the surprise of the 39 clues put together will make you jump!

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