Monday, May 5, 2014


In P.E. third through fifth grade does archery. It is really fun. There are two kinds of targets: you should know what a regular target looks like and then there is a target that looks like a dice it has five dots the center dot is a bulls eye. I have gotten five bulls eyes but four of  them were on the first day so it didn't count. I think that archery is really fun and at my other school I didn't get to do archery. I think that this has been a great experience!!

A few weeks ago we are did archery in gym. Each student in grade 5 got a turn to try archery each year. A cool thing this year is we have a bulls eye club when a student hits a bully eye on the target they get rewarded by having there name on the board. I think this game is amazing because it teaches students to persevere and have fun. Lots of students look forward to this week because they know how much fun its going to be.


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