Sunday, May 4, 2014


Playing in the Orchestra

Playing in the orchestra is really fun because you get to socialize with other people from Wydown, Captain, and Meramec. And you learn music! My top 3 favorite are: 3rd is Fantasia! It’s hard the first few times, but then it has a mysterious melody that I love. Also, it has all these flats, sharps, and extensions. 2nd is Dance of the Tumblers! This song has a frollicking ad joyous melody, and I LOVE the top part of the song. (Even though I’m supposed to play bottom part, which is really boring) And First is ….. WARRIOR LEGACY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely nominate this Masterpiece as the best song EVER! The first part has low sounds only a CELLO could make. The middle part is fast and furious, like an intruder being chased by Warriors. Then the ending is like the warriors that are closing in… the music gets louder and more fierce…. and then… BAM! the last note is when the warriors pounce!  

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