Monday, May 5, 2014

King James Simulation

 Get back, you cannot pass this point!
For several days we have been simulating the proclamation of 1763, it's hard work you know, us kids are getting a chance to be adults in the 1760's. A few days ago King George III (Ms. Mcmillion) gave us boundaries on the computers and on the loft. Today we got our jobs most people are wealthy, normal, or poor colonists, A few kids are different, Sam is the tax collecter, Madeleine is the parliament member, and  JoJo is the loyal colonist. Those people have more important rolls in the colonies. In this colony we have many many choices, we could stay loyal to the royals, or be rebellious . When you are loyal you have a much better Easier life until THE REVOLUTION before that you will be taxed less, and if you work hard you have a choice of becoming knighted, a captain, a soldier or any other British job. If you are rebellious then you can start rebel groups, take military action, outlaw, spy, and have fun even breaking the law. We will be getting taxed soonly,¡I Sure Hope I survive!

By Sir Harvard Max

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