Thursday, January 9, 2014

World Hunger

World Hunger
Every year millions of people starve. Is there something local people in our community can do? Well, yes there are some things people can do in our community.People can help by growing gardens, donate money or your time to food banks, or to homeless shelters or relief efforts.
    If you want to help by growing a garden you can grow extra fruits and vegetables to donate to a food bank or the homeless.A  good idea to brighten someones day is to take a new warm pair of socks in the winter and then stuff them with snacks or fruits and vegetables.Then you can hand them out to the homeless or needy.You can also assemble a meal bags which could include fruits, vegetable, and or other things that Do Not have to be refrigerated.Then after you assemble one you can send them to a food bank or distribution service.
    You can also help by working at a food bank or community service center that helps the needy.In the St. Louis area there are many food distribution places/food banks, and homeless/refugee centers.You could volunteer your time to help pack meals or you could help homeless people by giving them something to eat/drink or by just brightening up their day.You could also help by donating money to homeless shelters/refugee centers or food distribution services/food banks.
    You can also help relief efforts by donating money or time to relief efforts.You can volunteer your time by going to places that have or are being affected by hunger.You can help doctors administer aid or you can help by running a food depot where you distribute food from.You can even help people plant gardens or help them plant crops of which will not be affected by drought or lack of nutrients.You can also help by teaching people how to plant gardens.One way you could help also is learn how to plant a garden and then teach those people who are needing to learn how to get money to buy food or how to grow food so they don’t starve.
    These are some ways that you can help end local hunger.

By Jackson

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