Friday, January 10, 2014

Hat Looms

Hat Looms
By Jake   
Hat Looms are circles with pegs sticking out. Once you rap yarn around the loom twice you take the bottom one and pull it over right to left.
    Mrs. Hayden taught a few kids during art and it started catching on. Some students have finished hats and wear them to school. We also give some to charities. You can buy hat looms and yarn at Micheals.
    Jackson says, he thinks they're nice because it calms people and gives a new hobby to people. He thinks the idea to donate hats to charities is a very good idea and is a great cause.
    Matthew says, we should not only give the charities hats but give that hat looms and yarn so they can make hats for them selves too.
    Ryan says, Hat looms are very fun to make and they also bring out a good skill for life. It will be a good idea because needy people feel joy and happiness.

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