Friday, January 10, 2014

2nd Semester Events

         2nd Semester Events  
written by Joey
       Is anyone else excited for events this semester? Well if your not read this and you will be. Coming up on January 16th we have a Hidden Valley ski trip. I am super excited to go with friends on the lift. On the 15th we have Claymo and speaking of Claymo, the 2014 field day is coming up this May when we get to be the leaders. I am excited to be a leader and I bet you are to. Usually every one or two months we have assembly. The science fair is also in a few months from now so get ready cause I am planning on doing it this year. Kids are signing up rapidly for clubs and activities.
      Ok this one is going to grab your attention. The lip sync is coming up soon. I am not in it but for all of you who are in to it I think it will be very fun. And for the fifth grade year and final year we have our first real graduation. everyone in the grade will be graduating this year. We will be graduating on our last day of school. So get excited for this year's second semester. 

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