Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Curiosity Cafe

           Curiosity Cafe                  
     Curiosity cafe is a time when kids get to be curios about something for example sharks or zebras or any thing.  It is something that kids get to do if they have completed their homework.  My class room, 5M, does it at about 12:10.  A few things you can do during Curiosity Cafe are IQ puzzles like,  Kanoodle and IQ fit which are both very fun.  You can also choose to create art or try out the squiggle of the week.  Ms. McMillion draws a partial doodle and then we get to see what we can draw using the doodle.  One doodle looked like half of a broken heart to me.  For the Science part of Curiosity Cafe you can look through a microscope to see what a honey bee's leg looks like or even a cats hair or you can experiment with batteries and light bulbs to figure out how to light them up.  Now we are going to talk about the electronic part of Curiosity Cafe.  In the electronic section we each have our own days to be on the computers.  You can go on edmodo, Brainpop, Time for Kids, or you can research a topic in which you are interested.  The last thing I am going to talk about is the Warm and Fuzzies - that is where you write a compliment to someone in the class, for example, if I wrote a compliment to Kennedy I would say something like, "This week, Kennedy was always ready and prepared and was the first person to put her stuff away and sit quietly." That is a little bit about  Curiosity Cafe.     The End

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