Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This week we have been doing the infamous sport BADMINTON! "I have never played it, but boy! I enjoyed it!!” says 10 year old Lexie.This fantastic activity was arranged by the Glenridge gym teachers: Mr.Hutson and Mrs. Miller. They were the occasional scorekeepers when the classes played the sport. To play this sport you need a racket and a birdy. We would stand in line and get our own rackets so we could play. The games went on for a whole week, so we got to enjoy ourselves that week.

    First the server serves the birdy over the net and if it doesn't make it over, they get another try. But lets say, it goes over. The people on the other side try to hit it back over so that they get the point. ANYTHING could go wrong or right at this point...but for both sides it is all crossed fingers that they get the point and/or WIN. Probably the most skilled and cooperative team will win the game and the other, LOSE. The most important thing about trying to win, is that you got to try to cooperate with your teammates. You know, you have to call the birdy and be a good teammate by not letting them get down.
Also another important thing is to have FUN with the sport.

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