Thursday, April 3, 2014


     This week our unit in P.e. is archery. I really like archery because it's okay if you don't get a bull's eye, but we keep trying. My favorite part of archery is when you get a bull's eye and you get to put your name on the board. Also the feeling you get when you put your name on the board you feel so proud of your self, it's a great feeling to have.
      The week we always have archery I think everyone is excited to go to P.E. because we get to do fun stuff in archery. What I like about archery is learning all the steps to get ready to shoot the arrow. What's more exciting about archery is that our friends are there and when someone doesn't get a bull's eye they always cheer them up. Also whenever one of us student's get a bull's eye Mr. Hutson and Mrs. Miller always cheer us on.
       For a lot of students archery is the highlight of the year for them. A lot of students can't wait to start archery. I hope you try archery 
                  Will you try archery?

                                                            By, CeCe

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