Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chocolate Milk in Schools

Chocolate Milk in Schools                           
Healthy or diabetes in a bottle?
Q: How are your feelings about chocolate milk?
A: I am fine with it.
Q: If you were allowed to get rid of chocolate milk, would you?
A: I wouldn’t.
Q: Do you believe chocolate milk should be treated as a treat?
A: (Pause)No it’s healthy for you and it just has some chocolate in it.
Q: What do you believe could be a healthier alternative to chocolate milk?
A: We used to have water bottles and we sold a lot of water but the parents were scared about the plastic and not recycling.
We do sell a lot of chocolate milk but I would go to the white milk because it’s healthier.
Some kids don’t like white milk and chocolate milk was what they drank to get their milk.  I say keep the chocolate milk rather than take it all away.
We sell 50-75 white milk and 200-225 chocolate.
I think keep chocolate all week because some kids don’t like white milk and they might not drink any milk.
Q: How many times do you believe children should be allowed to have chocolate milk?
A: I would say 5 times a week.  I would say not to drink too much because if you drink a lot of chocolate milk you have a higher chance of becoming obese or getting diabetes.

        Interviewers: Franklin, Regan, and Jackson (not present but involved: Ian)

Interviewees: Ms. Janet

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