Thursday, December 19, 2013

Button Making

After reading the book of “Crash,” the 5th graders made buttons with the big idea of the story on the front. "What do you think the “Big Idea” of this story is?” We asked the students. "I think the big idea is that people can change," said Franklin Liu in Ms. McMillion’s class. "Why do they use buttons?” we ask a 5th grade teacher, Ms.McMillion, "because Penn’s mom in the story made buttons.” -Madeleine 

 Hello, Lexie speaking. Well, about to interview people. First, I’ve decided to interview myself. Q:Why did we make buttons? A:Because in “Crash,” PENN WEBB in the beggining had a button with encouraging words on it. So when we finished the book we decided to make them first: because it’s a fun way to reflect on the book, second: what we put on there could ACTUALLY  persuade someone or think what your button says is true. For example: "Lexie and Madeleine are awesome" or "STOP world hunger!" Some people would think that is true or might decide to help ‘stop world hunger.’
You could always make a button in your own creative way, or write what you think should be on a button on a NAME TAG.(Same thing.)
The fun part about this making of buttons was that I helped-my friends did too-plan the designs and make them! So,don’t forget! You can make a button TODAY and send out a positive message. -Lexie
By: Madeleine and Lexie 

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