Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"What is civilization?"

“What is civilization?” Well this year fifth grade is figuring that out. Fifth graders are learning how people become considered civilized. Each group or team for our fifth grade class was given a specific group of people. All of the groups have different traits about them. Each group was given about two weeks to study and put their information into a video, powerpoint, or a skit. Each group then presented their findings and stated why or why not their group of people were civilized. The audience to that group then took notes on the traits of that group. The audience then decided for themselves whether that group that presented was civilized. The groups that were studied were the Town Builders, The Sea People, The Desert Dwellers, the People of the Forest and the Farmers of the Plains. Each group was considered civilized which led us to ask the questions, “Where did the European arrogance come from and why think they had the right to destroy these Native American civilizations?”
By Jackson

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