Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Social Studies Explorers

At the time, all 5th grade classes are doing a project on early explorers as a grade for our report card. We have to take imformation from three or more resourses. One: A book. Two: Encylopida. Three: A website that the school can trust. Our project is due 11\11\13. The students have a choice of a Prezi, an I Movie, a Powerpoint or Keynote, we can make a Report, an Everybody book, a Glogster, a Poster, a Story, or come up with there own idea (but they then have to ask there teacher if thats ok) to present their research.  We have to find out where are why each of our explorers went out to explore.  We also have to research what the result of their explorations were and how they affected the people who they encountered.  We had time to do our research at school but the project needs to be finished at home.

Our Social Studies unit on "Who Discovered America?"is off to a great start!

By Matthew and Ms. McMillion

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